Our experienced patent attorneys can assist in all patent matters, from prior art searches and the preparation of application documents to the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Selected services

> Representation before the Chinese authorities for patent matters

> Drafting, preparing and filing of patent applications in China

> Translation of patent applications

> Filing subsequent applications of national applications or nationalization of international applications in China

> Prosecution of national and international patent applications

> Registration of assignments of pending applications and registered patents

> Recording of changes in bibliographic data

> Registration of liens on property rights

> Conducting searches, file inspections and monitoring of third party patent rights

> Material procurement and translation of patent and non-patent prior art

> Enforcement and defense of patent rights*

> Expert opinions regarding infringement and legal validity

> Licensing of industrial property rights*

> Monitoring and payment of annual/maintenance fees

> All other aspects of patent, utility model, and design prosecution



* in collaboration with external partner firms