On June 6, 2019: S&E Held a Study Group on Intellectual Property in China and Taiwan

On June 6, 2019: S&E held a study group on the Intellectual Property in China and Taiwan at Sonderhoff and Einsel’s firm office. Ms. Xiaofen Wu (Chinese patent attorney) of S&E gave a presentation on the “Patent Linkage System in China and Taiwan”, in which many Japanese pharmaceutical companies have shown great interest. In China, which ranks second after the United States in the global pharmaceutical market, reforms of the pharmaceutical industry have been progressing to expand and develop the industry. In this study group, Ms. Wu explained the situation surrounding the pharmaceutical industry in China, the latest information on the legal system related to pharmaceutical patents, and the patent linkage system in detail. She also described a system in Taiwan which was introduced for the purpose of participating in the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) in the future. The study group lasted about an hour, and given that there was a lively exchange of questions and opinions, we believe this study group was highly successful. S&E also had a reception after the study group to allow participants further opportunities for communication with Ms. Wu and our other patent attorneys.

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